Tina’s Butt

Before trying our yoga Tina saw everyone about pain in her lower back and butt. She has seen masseurs, physios, osteopaths and acupuncturists.
When she asked me to help – we did some specific stretches and we fixed it pretty quickly – like – one session.
When I say “fixed” I’m not saying she is fixed forever but we relieved her pain and she has been able to move more freely and more comfortably since doing one good stretch session.
We will make sure we keep doing our stretches to keep that pain away and keep her mobility and movement healthy and enjoyable.
The point of this article is this – For a lot of aches and pain‘s in our body stretching can be the optimal therapy. Other therapies have a valuable place and I highly recommend all of the ones I mentioned but don’t discount stretching as possible solution to better health and fitness.
As Focus health and fitness we are very experienced in helping our clients overcome aches and pains with our one on one sessions and group classes. We do this with our personalised strengthening and stretching routines .
Tina felt better after one session and you can too.