AFL success – Bay Jones

A big congratulations to Baylee Jones on taking another huge step towards his dream of playing professional AFL football. At age 16 Baylee made his senior debut for the East Coast Eagles and made the Under 18’s GWS Academy national team.

We have helped Baylee since he was about 11 years old and he has had this dream since around then and it has been amazing to watch such a young man apply himself so well and execute his actions towards his dream so well. Baylee’s physical changes have been amazing and his athletic development – awesome. The discipline and attitude Baylee has displayed along the way is commendable and the person he has become throughout the process has endowed him with the strength of character to go on and accomplish even more in his sport… and life.

Well done Baylee – keep up the hard work and Congratulations on your success – the world is your football field.