Just 2 habits to better health, fitness and lifestyle

“We first make out habits, then our habits make us” John Dreyfus

“Men’s natures are alike, it is their habits that separate them” Confucius

“We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act but a habit” Aristotle

It’s pretty clear the habits we adopt will shape who we are. So when it comes to your body the two habits that will define your shape are your eating and exercise habits. If you aren’t happy with your body – change your eating and exercise habits.

Here’s how to make a change:
1. DECIDE: Choose just one habit you want to change
a. (stuff like exercise 4 times per week for 45mins, replace junk food with fruit, cut sugar from your diet)

2. WRITE: Write your goal down plus your motivation for doing it plus the obstacles you expect and how you will overcome them AND get it popping in front of you often – phone, fridge, computer etc
a. My goal is to exercise 4 times per week for 45 mins
b. My motivation is to get fit so i have more energy and positivity for myself, my partner and my kids
c. I may struggle to prioritise my time to do this
d. I will make time by booking it into my schedule like any other important appointment

3. COMMIT: Commit fully to this new habit publicly or via facebook or with a trainer or friend

4. TRACK: Track your progress and reward success (if i get 12 sessions this month I will buy myself a massage)

5. ACCOUNTABILITY: Make yourself accountable to whoever you shared your goal with by sharing your results, successes, failures and plans

6. FAILURE: Expect and accept failures – there may be things that go wrong and habits are hard to change but simply acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them so you can plan to avoid them in future. You have only failed if you quit.

7. REPEAT: Once the new habit is established you can Focus on the next habit you want to improve for better health, fitness and lifestyle

It really can be that simple to change your life! IT IS SIMPLE BUT NOT EASY! We help people with this all the time in our personal training service. We can help you decide what the next most important step is and keep you accountable! If you need help – please let us know.

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