Member of July – Elizabeth Mitchell – embarrassed me… nearly

A big thanks and congratulations to Elizabeth Mitchell for losing 20kgs in the last 20 weeks! Elizabeth has been personal training, attending gym, walking and making nutrition and lifestyle changes to accomplish her awesome results! (notice the balanced approach, no pills or products mentioned or needed.)

Elizabeth nearly embarrassed me today when we were talking about her results and she said it was entirely because of me! Luckily I like praise as much as a labrador getting a pat BUT like I said to Elizabeth – she (you Elizabeth!) – did it your-self. I’m glad i have been able to help and you valued my advice but i never lifted your arms or legs for you or made you eat the right things and go for walks! So credit where credit is due and a big congratulations to you for taking control of your health and fitness and successfully making great positive changes to your life!

I’ve always appreciated and respected Elizabeth’s openness and rawness and I know she doesn’t mind me telling you she has had to overcome more than just her physical health to accomplish her results!

She has a long list of benefits from her results including:

1. “Hellofallot easier to get around”

2. More mentally stable

3. More content as a person

4. More comfortable around other people

5. (This ones my personal favorite) More able to play with grand-kids and take them to the park

6. Better strength, balance, fitness and flexibility… and I’m sure there’s more

Congrats again and thanks for letting us help. Health and happiness