Xmas Fitness – 11 ways to stay fit over xmas and new year

Here’s my list of xmas fitness tips – most people gain 3 kgs over xmas – try to keep it level or even improve yourself this xmas.

  1. Do more, not lessexercise makes us feel great, function better and look great. Why stop over xmas? You’ve got time to do more exercise – not less. It doesn’t have to be your normal routine – just create opportunities to move.
  2. Balance it out – If/when you do over-eat and over-drink make it up to yourself and your body by balancing out that excess with a little self restraint and eat more carefully for the next day or two. You will enjoy the feasts more when it’s not feast upon feast.
  3. Pay for your sins – If/when you do over-eat and over-drink rather than wallow in self loathing and fat rolls do some extra movement to get rid of the toxins and excess. You will recover faster from any … ill effects and you will minimize the damage done.
  4. Mix it up – If you want to stick to your routine – great but if you plan a break just make it a break from routine not a break from all exercise! Try something new or something old.
  5. Get Active – plan some activity days – do some gardening, spring cleaning or projects
  6. Gift fitness – If you know your partner or friend etc is wanting to get fit why not buy them some sports clothes or accessories, or personal or fitness thingy-majig to encourage them
  7. Day trip it – Plan some family fitness days – bush-walk, swimming, beach sports, bike riding etc. Get the whole family involved
  8. Set some rules – You know you’re going to be attending some celebrations. Set yourself some limits or parameters to go into those occasions so you don’t go silly. 3 beers instead of 5 or avoid sweets or something. You dont have to be perfect – just be better
  9. Set a goal – Why not have a goal to be three kilos less after this xmas and new year? Or if fat loss is not you thing – be 5% fitter? Staying tuned into your h & f will not ruin your break – it will probably make it better
  10. Enjoy it – Like i said above – just be better – not perfect – it is a time to relax and enjoy yourself but i can do that and still enjoy my health and fitness also. I hope you can too.