What are your beliefs?
Beliefs are important in determining our drive and how we feel about different issues. We all hold different beliefs which drive our behaviours. This explains why we all have different approaches towards life issues, like exercise. Our beliefs can either open the door to many opportunities or keep it locked. Some of our beliefs are obvious and we are well aware of them but many beliefs can go under the radar. We may not realise what we are saying to ourselves everyday could be the one thing that is holding us back from achieving our greatest goals. So the only way to overcome this is to realise any negative beliefs, write them down and then replace them with a new, positive belief. Write down below the beliefs you feel you have that are holding you back.
eg. “Exercise is fine if I have time in my day to fit it in.” or “I’m just too lazy to get fit” or “I won’t make it”

Now replace your beliefs above with something more positive.
eg. “Prioritising my time to fit in exercise during my day is easy and one of the
best investments I can make.” or “If i invest energy –  i will gain energy”, “I know i can make it if i work hard”

You can write down these new beliefs and put them somewhere you will see all the time. Whenever you catch yourself with a negative belief in your head, remember to replace it with a more positive, uplifting one!

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