Focus Boot Camp is about three things! Fitness! Fat loss! Changing shape!

1. Fitness – FBC is for all fitness levels but it is a hard program. As long as you have no complications from injury or illness you will survive but we do have elite level athletes in the group. The fitness gains we see are amazing!!!

2. Fat loss – We easily burn over 500 calories every workout so FBC will change the shape of your body! Fat loss is guaranteed! Better muscle tone is guaranteed! Greater strength is guaranteed!

3. Changing shape –  All of the workouts are high intensity aerobic and anaerobic workouts that will challenge and develop your body. This makes FBC ideal for toning, fitness, fat loss and sports including water ski racing, all football codes and most other sports that require a high level of fitness and sustained performance for an hour. Also great for anyone wanting to increase their energy or get ready for big events!

Starting: Thursday 25th July, 2019 and running for 6 weeks
When: Thursday evenings 18:00hrs (6pm)
If you are ready for enlistment ACT NOW!!!