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Jennifer Rodger

Absolutely love training with Ryan, he is flexible with his approach and his knowledge and expertise caters to myself and my two teenage daughters. It has been amazing during this lockdown period for my physical and mental health – thankyou!

Priya Rama

Ryan is an excellent PT – very professional, knowledgeable and punctual. He knows what to teach and what not to according to one’s physique. He really helped me strengthen and firm up my body. Its only been 3.5 months since I am under his guidance but the difference is immense. Earlier going to the gym meant only treadmill and the bikes for me but thanks to Ryan’s planned and customised workouts, I am trying out different equipments and techniques – love going to the gym now! He pushes you to do your best. The best feeling is when you look yourself in the mirror and feel great both physically and mentally. Keep up the good work Ryan !!!

Ashim Kapila

Amazing personalised training. Ryan is an expert & you will extract full value for your money with him as your PT!

Serge Bordignon

Absolutely one of the best in the business. Ryan knows his stuff – technique and movement. I came to Focus whilst recovering from a shoulder injury and got great results. Highly recommend!

Lauren V

Ryan is a fantastic personal trainer who has kept me motivated & pushed me to reach my exercise goals. His positive mindset and optimistic attitude provides the perfect environment for you to succeed. Would highly recommend him as a PT to anyone.

Kristen Kilpatrick

Ryan is a great trainer who really listens to what you want to achieve and adjusts your program to suit any limitations or restrictions. Boot camp has been such a fun and fulfilling experience and something I look forward to every week. I now enjoy running, and I never thought that would be something I’d say!!

Chaniru Sedara

Training with Ryan has been really fun and rewarding. He’s always friendly, understanding and knows what workouts best suit me. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to be healthy

Michelle Hodge

Ryan is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced PT who has assisted me to achieve amazing results in a relatively short period of time. His individually tailored and targeted approach is second to none and ensures you remain motivated during every session.

Duncan Mcpherson

Taking the decision to go with focus health & fitness was the life changing decision I took. Ryan is the best trainer I’ve had. He pushed me hard and explained the concepts about diets and training techniques in a clear and concise manner. Thank you Ryan for helping me achieve my results.

Gina Antonowicz

Ryan’s ability combined with his knowledge and experience shows with each session. Even with scoliosis my PT sessions and yoga have allowed me to achieve more with my taekwando as this compliments my training and I am more flexible and fitter achieving my next belt. Thank you for your dedication.

Jordan Pride

I have had the privilege of working with Ryan for the past year and have experienced his many years of knowledge in the health and fitness industry. He has helped countless people reach their health and fitness goals through consistent programs and encouraging accountability.

James Luu

Highly recommended. Focus has helped me achieve my strength and fitness goals and work around my injuries. The programming is perfect for my needs and the sessions are fun and informative. The variety of exercises is more than i have ever learnt elsewhere and my progression has been the best in my training ever. Thanks to both Ryan and Maja

Samantha Perry

Maja & Ryan are fantastic trainers!
I’ve noticed a huge difference in my health and confidence since I’ve been training with them. Highly recommend 🙂

Joe Bradshaw

Ryan and Maja are both excellent trainers. Been training here for a year now and enjoy seeing how they build great relationships with their clients and get them results. Would highly recommend them to anyone just beginning or experienced.

Shantelle King

Ryan is a great trainer who cares about his clients and gives great advice regarding nutrition, sleeping and healthy living. He has also helped me achieve great results in my sport.

Prov W

The team at Focus Fit are awesome! They have been amazing at helping working out my fitness goals, planning and establishing achievable programs for me, and have helped me achieve these goals. Super friendly and such a great experience each time! Highly recommend Ryan and Maja at Focus Fit!


Ryan is a wealth of knowledge for all things health and fitness, and has a passion for helping people reach there fitness goals. I think he is one of the finest trainers in The Hills District.

Baylee Jones

I have been training with Ryan since I was 10 yrs and have never had a bad experience. His commitment to ensuring you see results and are healthy, is second to none. Would highly recommend to all

Vou Makris

I have found Ryan and Maja to be great personal trainers who have a lot of knowledge in nutrition, health and fitness. They listen to what you want to achieve and they workout a programme that suits you depending on your limitations and restrictions as well as motivating you.
I highly recommend them!!

Benjamin Popper

Ryan is an awesome trainer. His great with my injury and helping me get mobile. Highly recommended trainer

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