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Adam O’leary

I’ve never trained with a personal trainer before but coming off a long lay off from injury I thought it might be a good idea to train with someone who knows what he is doing. I looked around and was surprised at how many great reviews Ryan has, this led to my decision to give Focus health a go.

After our initial training I thought this guy won’t want to train me, I have multiple injuries ( 20 years of martial arts and a labour intensive job ) but he took the time to understand what was going on and constantly asked questions about how my body was feeling – once even changing up the exercise half way through.

Training this way has led me to be pain free not only during our sessions but throughout the week – problems that have occurred for years have gone ( even in both wrists where I was advised by a GP I would need surgery ).

Ryan’s depth of knowledge shows immediately and the results have been better and sooner than I expected – When we are in the gym people will come up to him just to ask how to do a specific exercise.

On top of all of that he is a great bloke.

Dalbir Dhanoa

Maja is a fantastic trainer. I’ve been training with her for almost 2 years now and her enthusiasm, passion and dedication is very motivating. This has been the most consistent I have been with exercise and I’ve seen great progress in my strength. I highly recommend Ryan and Maja to anyone looking for a trainer!

Gary Dickson

I have been training with Ryan for over 15 years starting at the ice rink; then the Nexus building and in recent years out of Plus Fitness in Bella Vista. He understands me and my capabilities more than I do and tailors my workouts accordingly. I enjoy the variety, banter and some of the worst Dad jokes in the world!!! It has become an important part of my life as I have moved through my 40s, 50s and now into my 60s with a variety of challenges along the way. I feel fitter today than I did in my late 30s and Ryan has played a part in that. Try it you wont regret it.

Mark Bennett

I began training with Maja & Ryan more than 10 years ago at the age of 58.
I highly recommend them both for their knowledge & focus on personalised training programmes.
“Ryoga” is also fabulous.
In my case I began training with Maja following a leg fracture. Maja’s hep was vital to my full recovery.
I am still training with both Maja and Ryan, they are fantastic & thanks to them I feel much fitter and healthier than 10 years ago when I first met them.
Thank you Maja & Ryan

Rob McCartney

I have been training with Ryan for over 3 years a few times a week and keep motivated to come back every week not to let him down! He is professional and knows his craft, but also quickly gets an understanding of how his clients learn and what pace is sensible for them. A lovely guy with a great sense of humour, the best trainer i have trained with! 👏👏

Maria Buzzo

I am extremely impressed with my sessions I am having with my trainer Maja. She is friendly, welcoming, and very knowledgeable. She has identified my needs and has created a program I can continue at home which I really enjoy. I am really pleased that I found someone as to helpme achieve my fitness goals and I look forward to continuing my journey to get fit with her! I highly recommend Maja!

Mark Spokes

Focus health and fitness, has been helping me achieve my strength and fitness goals. The programs are suited to my needs and the sessions are very informative. The variety of exercises and info, ensures that I’m learning how to better strengthen my body, and my progression has been the amazing . Thank you both, Ryan and Maja

Kath Jones

Maja and Ryan are amazing. Their passion, dedication & enthusiasm is limitless. They know there stuff. I have achieved so much with Ryan, both mentally and physically.
So if you are in need of some amazing guidance in fitness, nutrition and general wellbeing, these are the ones to see.

Tina Andersen

Excellent trainers.
Both Ryan and Maja are wonderful motivators. Always taking into account your current life and work. They set your training around what you can do and achieve, with the added push to excel constantly !!

Monique Gray

Highly recommend!!
Genuine, knowledgeable, friendly & motivating.
Always pushing me and helping me reach my goals.

Malcolm Greentree

I have been working with Ryan for a couple of years now. Not only has he helped me lose weight and improve my physical health, he has also been instrumental in improving my mental health, which has helped me save my marriage and improved the relationship I have with my kids. I can’t rate him highly enough.

Janet Fitzgerald

I have been training with Maja for 10 years. I started with Maja as one who didn’t exercise regularly and being older my joints were not in good condition. Maja has always been marvellous. She is dedicated, reliable, always works to high standards and is caring and personable. That care has extended to tailoring programmes leading up to and following my heart surgery, including nutritional advice. She is a treasure.

Jade Carter-March

I have been training with Ryan for only a few months now but already I have noticed a change in my motivation and fitness levels. Ryan is a great trainer and a really genuine person, who shows real interest in his clients. He is incredibly skilful and knows his stuff. Ryan has been flexible and makes sure to address your specific fitness goals. He made me feel comfortable right from the start. Would absolutely recommend.

Jenna Schubert

Ryan is a sensational trainer. He is motivating, energetic, fun and always enthusiastic. Our workouts differ week to week, so it’s always a great surprise to see how he will push us to the limit. Ryan is very understand to individuals needs and will amend the workout specifically for you, if need be.
I thoroughly enjoy Ryan’s Bootcamp class and think he’s a great choice for anyone who is trying to lose weight, get fit or just enjoy their workout. Thank you Ryan for encouraging me to get back into working out and ensuring I enjoy myself, as well as push myself, in the process. 😊

Supun Samarasingha

I have no hesitance to recommend Ryan. He kept me focused and committed to a twice a week gym schedule. He helped me to build confidence in myself. For the first time I saw results in my training. It was such a pleasure to train with him and sad that I won’t be able to anymore as I am relocating to Melbourne. He is a great trainer and fun to be around.

Rachelle Sammut

I’ve trained with Ryan for years now and he has seen me through many stages of fitness between 2 pregnancies and a back injury. He is incredibly knowledable and professional and tailors workouts to what my body needs through all situations. He has an incredible gift of motivation without pushiness and I always enjoy every session. He is quite the guru of all things health – mind, body and spirit. Whatever your health goals are, Ryan will be an asset to you.

Ben Mallard

I had the pleasure of being trained by Ryan for a long time.
He took the time to produce a sufficient program for me and was very conscious of my limitations in certain aspects.
I have a very physical job so sometimes yoga stretches were as good as a workout producing maximum circulation in my body.
I have played rugby my whole life so I also have underlying injury issues which he always took into account whilst proceeding with a workout.

Ryan and Maja are a very professional personal trainers and I would never hesitate to refer them more clients.

Jessie Pearson

I worked with Ryan for a couple of months and it was absolutely fantastic. Ryan is extremely knowledgeable and easy to get along with! He tailors his workouts specifically to the individual and I definitely recommend him if you’re a beginner or easing back into an active lifestyle!

Hrithi .A

Trained with Ryan for a little over 6 months and it was a great experience, especially for beginners like me. He helped me become a lot more comfortable at the gym with new workouts every session, and he has also helped me become more consistent with training than i have ever been in my life before. 100% recommend !

Tony Byrnes

I’ve been training with Ryan for more than 9 months. There’s been plenty of variety and challenge in the programming. Excellent advice on diet and exercise at home. Ryan’s been a positive and encouraging trainer, and is delivering great results.

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