Shantelle King – Water skiing – World number 3

A big congratulations to Shantelle King after a great water skiing season culminating in a 3rd place in the open womens water skiing world titles.

Shantelle has worked hard for years with us in personal training, boot camp and lots of water time and deserves every success. Shantelle’s strength and toughness is always inspirational to be around in our sessions and has earned her a long list of water skiing accomplishments.

Shantelle’s career highlights include:

Women’s open – Australian champion

Under 19’s Australian Champion

Female skier of the year

Junior female skier of the year

Open womens’ NSW champion

Under 19’s NSW champion

3rd Open womens world titles


We see great success with our athletes because we always bring them back to a wide base of strength, fitness and mobility and know that in so doing we help set them up for the specifics of their sport.

It is only with a wide base that a high peak can be achieved and the off-season work we do is just as important as in season. We have applied these principles to various athletes and and have achieved great success in rugby union, rugby league, soccer, tennis, netball, water skiing, Australian rules foot ball, road cycling and various leisure sports as well – like snow skiing, trekking, mountain biking.

These same principles have also been applied to vocational fitness preparation like army soldiering, special services paramedics and more.

We take a lifestyle to approach to helping our clients enjoy better health and fitness. With over 25 years of combined experience we are some of the most experienced personal trainers in our industry and have helped numerous people look, feel and function better for sports and life!

We have trained international level athletes and 70 year old nannas and know that a scientific approach to training can be tailored for anyone wanting to improve any aspect of their health and fitness.

We do not promote quick fix strategies or products and encourage our clients to take a holistic – long term approach to achieving their goals. This means looking at exercise, nutrition, motivation and lifestyle change.

Too many people get sucked into the empty promises of “quick fix” products and programs in the fitness industry. We promote good health, fitness and lifestyle and have attained amazing results in doing so.


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Shantelle King – Water skiing – World number 3

A big congratulations to Shantelle King after a great water skiing season culminating in a 3rd place in the open…

August 26, 2017

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