Will and Lux – Focused Health & Fitness – intro

I read a book recently which asked me to do a mental exercise where I had to become a super hero…

This is what I wrote for myself:

” I am a superhero called “Lux” – From Latin lūx (“light”); from Proto-Indo-European *lewk- (“white; light; bright”). Cognates include Ancient Greek λευκός (leukos), and Old English noun lēoht (English light).

As Lux I have the power to change the direction of others lives through influence. Lux believes there is positive and negative in all people and Lux has the power to dissolve the negative and help people embrace and drive their positive energies! All I need to do is look in their eyes! Once changed – others have the same ability! In this way positive energies embrace the world (all people look in someone’s eyes). I would start with myself”…

I had a Lux – light bulb moment just last night. I had a client meeting for a personal training session which turned into a motivation and counseling session where we just sat and talked for forty minutes. This guy was just so hard and negative on himself and kept telling me how he had been going up and down with his health and fitness (he had just had a 3 month lay-off). He was not happy with where his health and fitness was! He was a business owner and married father of two and his business kept getting in the way. When he did train he went hell-for leather, all- or-nothing but if he didn’t get immediate results he got frustrated and down on himself and demoted his health and fitness time in his busy schedule. He didn’t eat well as he was often too busy for lunch and after 13 hour days couldn’t face the thought a workout. He trusted me and opened up to me and shared that sometimes he got depressed about this recurring cycle and often thought about giving up forever and just doing whatever unhealthy stuff he wanted rather than making time for the necessary evil of gym and other exercise…

I just wanted to Lux him! I tried to help him! We talked about changing his thought patterns and creating some strategies to help that. We talked about finding a manageable plan to fit into his lifestyle. We talked about training and nutrition and personalized some strategies for him there also. Then we went back to his thoughts etc and started going around in circles. I had to Lux him! We increased his personal training frequency right then and there… but then we both had to go. I had a feeling he would need more than just thirty minutes with me twice per week so I came home and decided to write this book. A book for Will. A book for all of my clients past, present and future. This book is my hope to give people a principled centred, comprehensive approach to their own health, fitness and lifestyle. It is not about quick fix programs or products and even how awesomely fit and strong I am and how many TV programs I have been on or off… it is a book about timeless principles for better health, fitness and lifestyle.

And here’s the thing – achieving better health and fitness is a way to Lux yourself (embrace and drive your positive energies) and in so doing you will be able to help yourself, those close to you and the community at large. Better personal health and fitness – means better people.

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Will and Lux – Focused Health & Fitness – intro

I read a book recently which asked me to do a mental exercise where I had to become a super…

March 13, 2018

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