9 Tips to Control Your Eating

9 Tips to Control Your Eating

Tips to Control Your Eating

1. Focus on the food; Avoid other activities whilst eating e.g. watching TV, reading, watching sport. Concentrate on the food experience (sight, smell, taste and texture). By focusing on the food you will experience more satiety.
2. Eat only in one place; By ritualising your meals you will be more consistent.
3. Eat slowly; Allow time to feel full before overeating. Eat slowly. Cut the food into small pieces. Take a half-time break during your meal. 2-3 minutes will allow you to register how hungry you still are. Drink a glass of water before each meal. Choose high fibre foods.
4. Minimise contact with excessive food. Serve food in small portions and do not have excess bowls or trays of food on standby. Use small plates.
5. Out of sight out of mind; keep food stored away out of sight preferably in containers that won’t tempt you.
6. Make problematic eating problematic; by making it difficult for yourself to access snack foods or unplanned nibbles you will decrease the chances of this happening. Put all foods well away and avoid having any treats around.
7. Plan meals in advance. Starting with breakfast.
8. Pre-dinner dinner If you are going out for dinner take the edge off your appetite by having healthy snack so you won’t be as tempted to over indulge.
9. Shopping Secrets
• Shop on a full stomach, not when you are hungry.
You will be less tempted to indulge.
• Buy only what is on your shopping list.
• Avoid tempting foods (foods like packets of chips or biscuits will tempt you to eat them all).
• Buy fresh foods and food that require preparation. Convenience foods are usually less healthy and more tempting.
10. Include exercise into your daily routine, either through planned exercise routines or just more activity in general (e.g. taking the stairs instead of lift).
11. Ride the wave – Urges to eat often come in waves. Just like a wave it can swell, build, break and then fade away. If you fulfill the urge it will get stronger and become more frequent. If you resist the urge it will pass. Here are some ways to take your mind off the urge for sweet, yummy, mouth-watering food.
* Go for a walk * Read a book * Call a friend * Work in the garden * Have a bath * Do some stretches * Have a drink of water/cup of tea * Read your goals * Tidy up * Write a letter/story/email/text

Next step in the 12 week process = 10 metabolism

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9 Tips to Control Your Eating

Tips to Control Your Eating 1. Focus on the food; Avoid other activities whilst eating e.g. watching TV, reading, watching…

May 11, 2020

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