motivation – my story – what’s yours?

motivation – my story – what’s yours?

Motivation – My Story – What’s Yours?

Expert Author Ryan Fraser

My Story

There is a point to this little story. Please read on – I hope it helps you find and sharpen something in your outlook and life.

I have been a relatively fit person my whole life. Health and fitness activities have always been an integral part of my life – sports, adventures, training and now my career. Yet there have been plenty of times where I have been in far worse shape than I desired. At these times I pull my finger out and get back to close to where I want to be – like many of you – I have a busy life and competing priorities.

I want to share with you what keeps me motivated and let you in on the fact that I too struggle at times to maintain motivation! Even personal trainers and elite athletes have stages in their lives where they struggle somewhat with their condition and their motivation. Ever heard of a chef that never cooks for himself? What about a personal trainer that never exercises? That is far less acceptable isn’t it! Well that is partly what keeps me going! I want to be a positive example for my staff, my clients, my friends and my family! I also realise and experience the awesome benefits of having great health and fitness in my life!

I do a lot of outdoor activities or just simple activities that I know I enjoy more because of my confidence in my health and well-being. I have a philosophy that “health is a necessity for the duties and pleasures” and I never let myself stray too far from being very capable of fulfilling my professional duties and very able to enjoy the adventures and pleasures that life has to offer. I have found my own invaluable source of inspiration and philosophy that will keep me going until the day I die. I do have tough days where I don’t feel like a workout after 90 hour weeks of work or a full day in the gym. I also get tempted by indulgences and socialising that doesn’t mesh with my goals at all. But I always get back to my health and fitness goals because I have made them an integral part of my life. Even if I wasn’t a personal trainer I would train just as hard as I do now and plan on doing until I’m 111. By knowing what my values are, by having them written down and by reflecting on them regularly I always maintain a high level of consciousness and commitment to my health and fitness. WHOOPDEDO! GOOD FOR ME! SO WHAT HEY!? That’s just a window on part of MY MOTIVATION.

The point is – What inspires you? Want to be a better you for yourself and those around you? A better parent? A better lover? A better professional? A happier person? Want to look, feel and function better? Want to get down to the pool and be proud to undress? Want to be able to climb a mountain? Want a better life? Here’s another point – better health and fitness has a positive impact on all of the above mentioned goals and more! Better health and fitness not only gives you more capability, confidence and freedom in all areas of your life but it also prevents/delays illness, injury, disease and death! Surely there is something there YOU can grab hold of and make your own motivation, inspiration and reason for aspiring to better health and fitness that will never falter!?

The benefits of great health and fitness are so numerous and wonderful that we all need to remember this and maintain it as a priority. Better health and fitness really is an inspiration for better life! Neglecting this seems foolish, ungrateful and wasteful.

Find YOUR philosophy, motivation and inspiration and hold it high!

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motivation – my story – what’s yours?

Motivation – My Story – What’s Yours? By Ryan Fraser  |   Submitted On March 18, 2010 My Story There is a…

September 25, 2018

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