Focus Health & Fitness Testimonials & Success Stories

Focus Health & Fitness Testimonials & Success Stories

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Steve Reeves

2 weeks ago
Very professional and understanding personal trainer. Have lost 13kgs in 6 weeks. Very impressed with my progress thus far
Response from the ownera week ago

Thanks Steve we really appreciate your praise. You know we are just warming up with you

Tina Andersen

3 months ago
Excellent trainers.
Both Ryan and Maja are wonderful motivators. Always taking into account your current life and work. They set your training around what you can do and achieve, with the added push to excel constantly !!
Response from the owner3 months ago

Thanks Tina we really appreciate you and your feedback

duncan mcpherson

5 months ago
Taking the decision to go with focus health & fitness was the life changing decision I took. Ryan is the best trainer I’ve had. He pushed me hard and explained the concepts about diets and training techniques in a clear and concise manner. Thank you Ryan for helping me achieve my results.
Response from the ownerjust now

Thanks Duncan kind words and amazing – well deserved results for all your hard work.

Malcolm Greentree

3 months ago
I have been working with Ryan for a couple of years now. Not only has he helped me lose weight and improve my physical health, he has also been instrumental in improving my mental health, which has helped me save my marriage and improved the relationship I have with my kids. I can’t rate him highly enough.
Response from the owner3 months ago

Thanks Mal really appreciate your openness and gratitude and happy to have helped you – it’s been a pleasure

Veneta Bailey

3 months ago
Ryan is a fantastic PT who puts your needs and goals first and tailors programs to suit your body and any requirements or issues you face. I lost 6kg in 4 months and am feeling happier, stronger and healthier!
Response from the owner3 months ago

You’re awesome Veneta! Keep up the hard work

Rohan Weir

6 months ago
The team at Focus Fit are awesome! They have been amazing at helping working out my fitness goals, planning and establishing achievable programs for me, and have helped me achieve these goals. Super friendly and such a great experience each time! Highly recommend Ryan and Maja at Focus Fit!
Response from the owner6 months ago

thanks Rohan – you’re awesome

Lauren V

6 months ago
Ryan is a fantastic personal trainer who has kept me motivated & pushed me to reach my exercise goals. His positive mindset and optimistic attitude provides the perfect environment for you to succeed. Would highly recommend him as a PT to anyone.
Response from the owner6 months ago

thanks Lauren

Shantelle King

4 months ago
Ryan is a great trainer who cares about his clients and gives great advice regarding nutrition, sleeping and healthy living. He has also helped me achieve great results in my sport.
Response from the owner4 months ago
(Translated by Google) Thank you Shantelle – you are an inspirationMore

Hamish Dawson

3 months ago
Great conversations. Takes my mind off what I am actually doing.

Shane Perry

3 months ago
Ryan is a superfantasitic guy. He has turned my flabs into abs. Thanks Ryan!!!
Response from the owner3 months ago

Hey Shane! thanks for the review! It’s a pleasure torturing you 🙂

Donna Vinci

a year ago
Ryan’s ability to tailor his sessions is fantastic. Whether I am building up for an event, wanting general fitness, recovering from an injury or need a session in yoga flexibility, he knows the right program to push me for strength and …More
Response from the owner6 months ago

thanks so much Donna

John Mason

6 months ago
Ryan get’s me! His professional, tailored approach to short and long term goals, keeps me focused. Keeps me on track.
Response from the owner6 months ago

thanks John – I get you

Adam Hourd

6 months ago
Couldn’t recommend Ryan and Maja any higher! Ryan really listens and knows how to provide the best set of excersises to an individual, and can answer any questions regarding sore muscle and the best solution. Boot camps Are fun and intense and leave you walking away sarasfied
Response from the owner6 months ago

thanks Adam


a year ago
Ryan is a great trainer who really listens to what you want to achieve and adjusts your program to suit any limitations or restrictions. Boot camp has been such a fun and fulfilling experience and something I look forward to every week. I now enjoy running, and I never thought that would be something I’d say!!

Ronnie Cregger

6 months ago
Totally recommend for anyone wishing to achieve their goals. Best trainer ever.
Response from the owner6 months ago

Thanks Ronnie – you’re the best

Lisa Bourke

a year ago
Ryan is an amazing PT! Although I have only been training with him for a couple of months I can already see results! He is encouraging and supportive with my fitness goals and extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, health and fitness. I would highly recommend Focus Health & Fitness!

Joe Bradshaw

a year ago
Ryan and Maja are both excellent trainers. Been training here for a year now and enjoy seeing how they build great relationships with their clients and get them results. Would highly recommend them to anyone just beginning or experienced.

Sarah Jordan

a year ago
Ryan is amazing!! He cares so much about his clients and provides only the best for them. He’s committed to ensuring everyone reaches their goals and is able to train in a way that suits them best!
Response from the owner6 months ago

thanks Sarah – really appreciate it

Kath Jones

a year ago
Maja and Ryan are amazing. Their passion, dedication & enthusiasm is limitless. They know there stuff. I have achieved so much with Ryan, both mentally and physically. …More
Response from the owner6 months ago

thanks heaps Kath

phill davey

a year ago
Great personal trainers. A wealth of knowledge, and always happy to answer all the questions I had to help with my goals. Thanks Ryan.

Vou Makris

a year ago
I have found Ryan and Maja to be great personal trainers who have a lot of knowledge in nutrition, health and fitness. They listen to what you want to achieve and they workout a programme that suits you depending on your limitations and …More
Response from the owner6 months ago

thanks heaps Voula

Raff Forte

3 months ago
Ryan is a great Trainer and mentor.
Response from the owner3 months ago

Thanks Raff

Stewart Lindon

a year ago
Ryan is a fantastic trainer who adapted my training program after a serious knee injury. He is always happy to help with training plans and nutrition advice.
Response from the owner6 months ago

thanks Stew – you are fantastic!

Greg Leadbeatter

a year ago
Super professional service and down to earth training

Craig Moore

3 months ago

Michael Hall

3 months ago
Response from the owner3 months ago

Thanks Michael

Chloe Nadile

a year ago
Oneflare reviews:
  • Jan

    I am in my sixties. I met Ryan through Maja who I was recommended to a number of years ago. I continue to train with Maja who I could not recommended highly enough. I have found Ryan to be very helpful when he explains exercises/stretches he has shown me. I have come to appreciate his knowled… Read more

  • Mike

    I am a senior pushing70 this year; Ryan has been my personal trainer for many years at Focus and more recently at 24/7. Ryan’s professional commitment and knowledge has greatly assisted my fitness goals and his training knowledge is without par; each of the structured exercise programmes that Rya… Read more

  • Steven

    Ryan is a fantastic trainer. He is obviously experienced and knowledgeable. He is familiar with my goals and therefore training requirements. He provides a variety of exercises suitable to my needs. I highly recommend him

  • Alex

    Middle aged, overweight with high blood pressure. Totally unfit until I signed up with Ryan and his wife Maja. Now enjoying the best health in decades. Give them a go nothing to lose but those unwanted kilos

  • Xariet

    Ryan is an awesome trainer, he supported me to be fitter than I ever have been before. Ryan is dynamic with experience in many areas of health and fitness including yoga. Ryan developed sessions that worked for my body type and level of ability. I would highly recommend Ryan!

  • Beth

  • Rhonda

    Ryan has a university degree in Sports Science so he is not just your average personal trainer. He has years of experience, is supportive to your needs, and can produce results for you as you require. I would recommend him to anyone seeking the best personal trainer they can possibly have.

  • Corry

    Having a trainer who listens to how your feeling, tailors sessions around your energy levels & understands you don’t have to go hard every time, that mental health is as important as physical health is refreshing.

  • Bill

    Ryan’s past guidance in areas like; nutrition, core-strength, and joint management have given me substantial benefits in regards to my overall health & wellbeing…all of which are vital to a mature (not old!) person with a long-list of past injuries. I like and thoroughly recommend his goal- o… Read more

  • Elizabeth

    Ryan is a very experienced personal trainer with great wealth of knowledge with fitness, well being and nutrition. Ryan listens to the client and personalises the training schedule to meet their needs , I suffer from an injury and he customised my weight training to ensure I was not inflicting fu… Read more


  • Paul

    Thoughtful, considerate and effective. I enjoyed my sessions as Ryan maintained enough variety to be interesting, with enough consistency of program to be able to compare my effort and improvement.

  • Michael

    I’ve known Ryan for years and he is very knowledgeable when it comes to health and fitness. He has given me fantastic programs that have helped me to accomplish my goals. The programs were tailored specifically to my needs. During our training sessions, Ryan also gave useful advice on nutrition. … Read more

  • Nilssen

    I have been working with Ryan over the last 5 years – he is a very patient and knowledgeable trainer and has been helping me reach my health goals over this period, through his personal training and boot camps. Ryan comes highly recommended.

  • Darryl

    Ryan is a very knowledgeable and friendly trainer. He knows just how hard to push you to get help you achieve your personal goals and he has plenty of advice for eating plans, stretching and so on.



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Ryan and Maja are true fitness professionals. Ryan’s PT sessions are fantastic, focusing on strength, weight loss and flexibility. He is always finding new ways to challenge me. Highly recommended.

Ryan Fraser

Ryan Fraser Thanks Jamie



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Focus Health & Fitness Testimonials & Success Stories

Google ratings: Steve Reeves 1 review 2 weeks ago Very professional and understanding personal trainer. Have lost 13kgs in 6…

June 25, 2018

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