Hi . Below is some strength and muscle nutrition information.
If you have any questions please email me. Consistency and progression are the keys to success!!

“From sacrifice, bliss”


1. Eat MORE than you need – This is the most basic yet important of all muscle gain principles. We want your fuel to be coming from food energy – NOT stored energy in your body. There must be ample nutrients for growth!
2. Plan and Prepare – If you plan and prepare your daily nutrition (even loosely) you are much more likely to eat in alignment with your goals and get results.
3. Frequent meals – preferably 6-7 meals per day. This helps to increase metabolism and nutrient absorption, decrease fat storage and provide better energy levels throughout the day.
4. Eat for what you are about to do not what you have just done – think about the next three hours. We eat to provide our bodies with energy for the activities we are going to do, therefore if you are active, you need an extra good/big meal approximately 1 ½ hours before. If you are inactive, you need a recovery (inactive) meal
5. Vary your nutrient ratios – Your macro-nutrients are your fats, proteins and carbohydrates. In general each meal should consist of approx. 1 small part fat, 2 parts protein and 4 parts carbohydrate. You simply start with the protein (80-120g, lean meat = size of palm of hand) and measure the fats and carbohydrates according to the activity level for next three hours
* Next 3 hours Fat Protein Carbs Vary intake
– General 1 Fat 2 Protein 4 Carb
– Active 1 Fats 2 Protein 5 or 6 carb
– Inactive 1 Fats 2 Protein 2 or 3 carb
6. Plan to be bad – Focus on making good principles part of your daily routine. Try your hardest to stick to your principles the majority of the time. But allow yourself days where you can have your treats as well. A smart practice is to be good during the week and allow your-self 1 or 2 treats on weekends.
7. Supplement – You should try to get the bulk of your nutrients from natural food but supplements can be helpful for strength and muscle building. Be sure to use use them to SUPPLEMENT good food not instead of good food

Next step in 12 week process = The importance of stretching

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Hi . Below is some strength and muscle nutrition information. If you have any questions please email me. Consistency and…

May 7, 2020

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